Tim + Anna | North Carolina Engagement

Ringing in the New Year with an Engagement session I shot for Tim and Anna while in North Carolina! Winding through the Smokies, out to Max Patch (on the Appalachian Trail!), was so great - we got lost, found our way, swapped stories, and hiked up to this look-out point for a view that had us all wide-eyed and quiet for the first time in an hour and a half. 


Also, could they be sweeter with one another? I love spending my time with couples like Tim and Anna, and I'm so excited to come back to this side of the Smokies in June for their wedding!


Julian + Rachel | Engagement

It's a family affair, and I couldn't be more excited to have been a part of this season in my dear cousin Rachel and Julian's life!

The night before the proposal, I got a call from Rachel's sister telling me it was about to go down. Packing commenced immediately, and by morning we were in the car making our way down to the coast - and JUST in time to help set up the proposal spot and find a place to hide to snap photos (not so easy on a wide-open deserted beach!).

The storm clouds broke just as Julian and Rachel hit the beach, but luckily it was short-lived and made for a pretty romantic proposal! 

Before we all packed up to leave this glorious beach, we woke up early on the last day of our stay - and these two welcomed the sunrise lookin' fine and in love. 

Two things: 1. Nothing better than seeing someone you love happy, and 2. Julian is one of our new favorites (welcome to the family, BRO!)