Behing-the-Scenes with Me!!

Hey, it's me! 

While I tend to love a little of everything, I'm most excited about the work I do as a professional photographer. It is a truly incredible thing to be invited into celebrations like a friend; ceremonious occasions like a sister or daughter; and everything else in between. 

Canadian born, and a big fan of living in other countries - Finland and South East Asia are some of my favorites - I finally settled in Nashville with my own slice of goodness six years ago with my husband and two kitties! 

If floral crowns were cool outside of weddings, styled shoots, and Bonnarroo, I would wear all of them, all of the time. I like the color purple, wine is good, and my friends call me "pistol." I wear Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf, and I like it because it's like a, well, flower bomb. I'm not a sports fan, per se; but put a hoagie in one hand and a beer in the other and I'll holler until I'm hoarse at a hockey game. Scooters are my jam (but only because I wasn't allowed to get a motorcycle) - so, #scooterlyfe. I grew up camping in the Rockies and out West with my parents, brother, and two sisters, so my love of the mountains, smelling like campfire, and finding a good swimming hole runs deep; and finally, my dream house is a tree house. 

What We Get Up To When We're Not Shooting!