Zach + River | Tennessee Wedding

Every single moment of getting to know Zach and River has been a joy - she has a personality and laugh that endears all to her, and he has a look of love that'll melt your heart. Their beautiful wedding ceremony was held on the front porch of River's childhood home, and the property was a hive of activity as close family and friends swathed trees with lights and set out to decorate tables with thoughtful details when we arrived - it was a most-perfect day! 

There are so many precious moments, but one of my favorites is when the father-of-the bride saw his daughter dressed in white for the first time (I can't even talk about it without tearing up!). He took a break from working, was lead to the apple tree out back where River was waiting, and he fell to his knees when he saw her.

This couple and their family has my heart - May God bless you and keep you!


Zach and River White - Wedding 37.jpg

Zach + River | Nashville Engagement

Well, they showed up laughing ... and never stopped - I am already so excited to hang out with these two and their families next month for their Wedding Day!

Give me ALL of the joy, please :-D

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