Luke + Julie Anne - Wedding

Just thinking about these two makes me smile!

They are so kind to one another, outwardly grateful for their special relationship, and happy to spread the love - I'll take it! I get to spend most of my time hanging out with couples who inspire me to come home and dote on my husband, and this couple has definitely encouraged me, made me laugh with ease, and have encouraged me in ways they may never know! On a side note, Julie Anne has an (admittedly) unusual love of cows. I think she has tried to tell me why she loves them so much a number of times, but I don't know that she ever came up with a solid reason. Low and behold, the cows were out grazing in the fields when we arrived for photos ... and, you'll see, this brought her even more joy on an already joy-filled day!

I love weddings, and couples, and days, like this!