Kathryn + Danny // Nashville Wedding

We started with coffee in Nashville, and ended up planning a trip to Mississippi to do Engagement photos a few months later - ultimately becoming friends with inside jokes and memories built on adventure before their wedding day; not mad about that, and I couldn't have been more excited to show up and photograph Kathryn and Danny's big ol' joyous celebration at The Cordelle!

These two are a mix of all things awesome - their wedding day was vibrant and beautiful, and their reception was basically a Star Wars party. I kid you not. 

Happy scrolling, Friends! XO 

Venue: The Cordelle

Florals + Design: Caroline Jones + 12th Table 

PhotoBooth: Holla Booth!  [contact: hollabooth@gmail.com]

Danny + Kathryn | Mississippi Engagement

When I met Kat and Danny ... I had no idea the adventure we would eventually embark on. Their engagement session was a road trip that spanned two days and many hours in the car, exploring abandoned churches and schools in Mississippi where Kat grew up; and getting to spend time being creative (and scared! some of the buildings were straight out of a horror movie, y'all!!) made our worlds go 'round.

We started out at the old family church down the road from the place Kat grew up. The walls and floors were wood - distressed and worn in from over a hundred years of services, weddings, and other family gatherings. Long pews lined the length of the one-room building, and windows reaching up to the ceiling lit the place up for a short time. Then, we were in complete darkness. One of the charms of this church is that it has no electricity, and so we lit our way with candles and my trusty video light ... and created images that took our breaths away. 

The next day we packed up and explored dusty roads and abandoned buildings - finally settling on an old school that sprawled across property overgrown and desolate. I wanted to grab detail and location shots, but I was hard pressed to find an inch of wall that wasn't covered in words and images I couldn't blog! It was an incredibly fascinating and somber few hours we spent in this place - our voices rarely raised above a subdued whisper. 

If I could, I would have spent a whole day wandering and digging through each of these places! I'm inspired to take more trips like these, and delve deeper and longer into the places we find. This was one of my most favorite photo adventures - enjoy.


Danny Mitchell and Kathryn Dambrino - Eng 1.jpg