Zach + River | Nashville Engagement

Well, they showed up laughing ... and never stopped - I am already so excited to hang out with these two and their families next month for their Wedding Day!

Give me ALL of the joy, please :-D

Have fun scrolling - I bet you'll inevitably find yourself beaming by the end of this post! 

Logan + Ashley - Engagement

Logan and Ashley, my new mode of transportation, in Breeden's Orchard - Uh, we had a wee bit o' fun! Not to mention, Dan Martinie (a Nashville-based videographer) came along and filmed the whole thing.

These two babes are getting married tomorrow - every last little detail of their wedding is thoughtful and focused on bringing a quiet magic to their ceremony. It will be an evening ceremony under hanging lights and lit candles - so.romantic. Another sweet touch is that friends are bringing pies to the reception! Someone is even bringin' a pizza pie - hilarious and oh-so-delicious. 

The love they share is warm and all-encompassing. The pictures below are perfect examples of this. Enjoy!


Erika + Gloria - Mother/Daughter

Last week, via IG, I posted a photo of a bouquet I gathered from a field I had just done a photo shoot in. I couldn't believe the colors and textures I was seeing with every new step, and by the time we reached the edge of the field my hands had been rubbed raw from pulling up these little beauties - worth it!

Also, my cat - she's pretty great.

This session was an interesting exercise in bringing together a shoot that was authentic to the relationship shared between this mother and daughter, had an artistic flare, and incorporated an element of family history.

Erika and Gloria shared with me that, up until Erika was married, the two of them would catch up over afternoon tea. What is more, the tea cups in these photos are family heirlooms; and the quilt was sewn together by Gloria's mother using materials pulled from clothes worn by Gloria and Erika's great-grandmother. All the "wants" for the shoot were encompassed in this very special afternoon! 


Rouse Wedding - Tennessee

Whenever I shoot a wedding I get to, for a day, be present for some of the sweetest moments in one of life's most sacred ceremonies; and I am always aware that I am a "stranger" invited to partake of such an event. On wedding days I laugh with the family, often mist up behind the camera, and later fall (exhausted) into bed with a full heart.

This was especially true with Tyler and Ashton's wedding! These two were married out in the sprawling farm-lands of Duck River, TN - when is Tennessee ever not filled with sprawling farm-land!? And the happy (tear-filled) ceremony was carried out under the canopy of a huge tree on a hill, just as thunderclouds began to roll and rumble in. Tyler and Ashton (and the whole family!) could have cared less, though - their eyes were not on the skies, but on each other. 

The rain held off long enough for the two to be wed *sigh*


I had an amazing time getting to know these two over the last couple of months, and I wish them all the happiness and love!