Ben + Jordan | Nashville Wedding

When I first met Ben and Jordan last year, I had no idea the community I was entering into - these two, their friends, and their welcoming family are amazing! I feel grateful to have been a part of their lives and love story, and it is with great joy that I share some of the highlights of this beautiful wedding.

A shout out to the Tulip Tree for crafting absolutely stunning bouquets and boutonnieres for Ben, Jordan, and their crew; Drew and Ellie Holcomb, for gracing us with their incredible voices for the first dance; and the Listening Room for hosting the reception! 


Ben and Jordan Andrews - Wedding 36.jpg

Ben + Jordan - Engagement

Long Hunter State Park is endlessly gorgeous, and I seem to stumble on new and beautiful locations every time I head out that way! One afternoon, while driving into the park with my husband, I saw gold through a wall of evergreens and I yelled out, "STOP THE CAR!!" I don't think the car had fully stopped before I bolted through the forest and into the tall stalks of "gold" you'll find below. As I pulled out my phone to snap a photo, a deer leaped through the field and I just about stopped breathing - it truly was such a breath-taking moment/view. I knew right then that it would be the location for Ben and Jordan's engagement shoot!

She has a smile and laugh that makes you want to smile and laugh, and he is kind and so loving - the two of them together made the evening so fun! My cheeks hurt after editing their images, because I was smiling so much. I'm sure I had people wondering what I was up to on my computer at the coffee shop! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding, and get to know Ben and Jordan even better - XO