Gen + Mike Derban | Calgary Wedding

Back in 2010, when I joined Calgary's salsa scene, I met Genevieve - our group would head out most Thursday nights, grab sushi together, and hit the dance floor for hours on end! Years later, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike - we ended up going on a couple's day trip out to Banff to shoot their engagement photos (Marc was my ever-amazing assistant!) and I couldn't have been more thrilled to come back to where it all began to shoot her wedding day this past summer!

Mike and Genevieve (and crew!) are amazing - in spite of pouring rain, this day was beautiful and one to remember! The girls threw on rubber boots, the guys had umbrellas, and thanks to SAIT we had a fabulous indoor setting for some of the wedding party photos.

One of the most memorable moments of the day was when I asked if anyone knew how to click their heels, thinking: the rain and umbrellas would make for the perfect heel-kick shot! Genevieve comes forward, hikes up her gorgeous lace skirt, and to our surprise (but not really) she pulls off the most graceful heel-kick. Needless to say, the photo that we got of her and Mike - Calgary's misted skyline act as the perfect backdrop - is one of my all-time favorite shots! 

Love you guys. Loved this day. Wish we lived closer, because time with you is time well spent - XO

Andrew + Jen | Alberta Engagement

Just five minutes from meeting up with Jenn and Andy - for the first time I might add - to shoot their engagement session, I called them up and said, "how do you feel about a road trip out to the badlands?" Like music to my ears, they were up for a sudden change of plans and said, "that would be amazing!!"

One of the things I love most about shooting outside of the Nashville area (and all the way up in Alberta, Canada, this time!) is the change of scenery, and it wasn't until this past trip back home to Central Alberta that I realized how incredibly rich the landscape is! During my two weeks up North I shot in Drumheller's arid badlands, the majestic Rocky Mountains, and by lakes that are bluer than you could ever imagine - each place taking my breath away! 

Jenn and Andy's photos were taken out in Drumheller - the dinosaur capital of the world - and we had so much fun swapping stories, sharing our favorite music, and stopping the vehicle whenever we found a perfect spot to shoot - a memorable afternoon, to be sure! 

Much love to these two - XO

Shawn + Shaun-Elise | Anniversary | Alberta, Canada

I grew up with this beauty, and it made me so happy to have been a part of my cousin Shaun-Elise's anniversary day with her handsome man this year!

Being that we spent much of our time together as kids by lakes, it was rather fitting that we went out to Jarvis Bay at Sylvan Lake to shoot. The water was glassy while the sun set through storm clouds - it couldn't have made for a more romantic vibe for their anniversary shoot! 

Love you guys - XOXO

HAD TO GET AN UPDATED COUSIN PIC IN THE MIX OF IT - props to Shawn for being a stellar photographer for a hot second ;-)