Trey + Lauren Ingley | Nashville Wedding | Iriswoods

It may have stormed for the better part of Trey and Lauren's Wedding Day, celebrated at IrisWoods in Mt. Juliet; but this didn't phase either of them! Lauren and Trey were all smiles and energy, and everyone just gathered under canopies, umbrellas, and the party tent, until the sun broke through in time for the bride to walk down the aisle. 

This Wedding had so many fun and unexpected elements to it - check out the boys and their superhero shirts beneath their wedding-wear! And the moment where Lauren received a traditional welcome to the Military: as the two passed through the arch, the bearers dropped their swords, forming a cross to block the path. Trey would kiss Lauren, and the crossed swords are raised for them to pass through. The bearer on the bride's side, as she passed by, was swatted on the bootay and told, "Welcome to the Marines, Ma'am." 

Welcome, indeed. 

Trey and Lauren Ingley Wedding 1.jpg
Trey and Lauren Ingley Wedding 6.jpg