Britani | Be Truthful, Gentle, and Fearless

Whether I'm photographing Engagements, or Weddings, or Bands, there is always a sense of busyness and "noise" that surrounds each shoot. And while this is usually where I find I'm most inspired or happy, I wanted to take a moment to step back and create a shoot that spoke to something different. I wanted to do a "pared down" shoot that focused on two things: vulnerability and courage.

And when I met Britani, I knew that she embodies both of these qualities and that she could bring them to life through my lens. Our makeup artist, Lenora Lyn, came to the table with a look that matched the vision of this shoot perfectly, and I'm so thankful for her artistry and ability to know exactly what I need for each project we work on together!

I loved creating thoughtful images with these gentle and fearless women. 

"be truthful, gentle, and fearless" - Gandhi