Gen + Mike Derban | Calgary Wedding

Back in 2010, when I joined Calgary's salsa scene, I met Genevieve - our group would head out most Thursday nights, grab sushi together, and hit the dance floor for hours on end! Years later, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike - we ended up going on a couple's day trip out to Banff to shoot their engagement photos (Marc was my ever-amazing assistant!) and I couldn't have been more thrilled to come back to where it all began to shoot her wedding day this past summer!

Mike and Genevieve (and crew!) are amazing - in spite of pouring rain, this day was beautiful and one to remember! The girls threw on rubber boots, the guys had umbrellas, and thanks to SAIT we had a fabulous indoor setting for some of the wedding party photos.

One of the most memorable moments of the day was when I asked if anyone knew how to click their heels, thinking: the rain and umbrellas would make for the perfect heel-kick shot! Genevieve comes forward, hikes up her gorgeous lace skirt, and to our surprise (but not really) she pulls off the most graceful heel-kick. Needless to say, the photo that we got of her and Mike - Calgary's misted skyline act as the perfect backdrop - is one of my all-time favorite shots! 

Love you guys. Loved this day. Wish we lived closer, because time with you is time well spent - XO