Rouse Wedding - Tennessee

Whenever I shoot a wedding I get to, for a day, be present for some of the sweetest moments in one of life's most sacred ceremonies; and I am always aware that I am a "stranger" invited to partake of such an event. On wedding days I laugh with the family, often mist up behind the camera, and later fall (exhausted) into bed with a full heart.

This was especially true with Tyler and Ashton's wedding! These two were married out in the sprawling farm-lands of Duck River, TN - when is Tennessee ever not filled with sprawling farm-land!? And the happy (tear-filled) ceremony was carried out under the canopy of a huge tree on a hill, just as thunderclouds began to roll and rumble in. Tyler and Ashton (and the whole family!) could have cared less, though - their eyes were not on the skies, but on each other. 

The rain held off long enough for the two to be wed *sigh*


I had an amazing time getting to know these two over the last couple of months, and I wish them all the happiness and love!