Santa & Mrs. Claus

Santa Claus + Mrs Claus

Santa and the Mrs. are excited to welcome your family into a festive and intimate environment, where they will read your children's favorite storybook, talk about the Christmas season and ask them questions about their favorite activities.

Your family will have 15 minutes with the Clauses, and we are looking forward to creating an experience your children will never forget!


Crystal K Martel - Your Photographer!

It is my absolute pleasure to host Photos with Santa, and this year is extra special - we have Mrs. Claus and our favorite Elf, Elisha, joining us for these mini sessions!

I will be taking candid images of your children interacting with Santa and the Mrs., and will snap some posed photos once everyone has settled in and the Clauses have built a sweet report by reading storybooks, talking about Christmas, and asking your children fun questions.


Elisha Petersen - Our Favorite Elf!

Elisha - who you and your children can call "Lish" - will welcome you into our Studio Space where there will be Christmas music, cartoons, and coloring spaces for you and your family to "get ready to meet Santa!"

If you have any questions the day of, she will have the answers!

She is also happy to take an #ELFIE or two while you wait.